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Author David Tuttle is a Reiki master who diverts universal energy into practical healing. Let’s learn more about the illuminating wonders of this ancient practice.

The gentle practice of channeling universal energy for healing is called Reiki. In recent years, it has gained some measure of widespread popularity. This is owed to a yearning for spirituality among the American public. Yet, Reiki is not to be confined to only this period because this gentle practice of handling universal energy has existed for at least a century. It transcends tradition, encompassing personal transformation and a surprising global trend.

Today, we embark on the universal energy that Reiki talks about and its many illuminating wonders. 

The Universal Energy Around Us

The origins of Reiki begin with Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar and spiritual seeker. While details surrounding his early life are hazy, tradition holds that his quest for a deeper understanding of healing led him to Mount Kurama, a sacred mountain in Japan steeped in spirituality. Through meditation and fasting, Usui is said to have attuned himself to the universal energy surrounding him. This synchronization awakened him to the universal energy that Reiki centers.

The idea of a “universal energy” has captivated countless traditions and disciplines throughout history. Reiki stands out for its unique application of this unseen force for healing and personal growth in alternative therapies. But what exactly is this “universal energy” in Reiki, and how does it interact with our mind, body, and spirit?

Before delving deeper, it’s crucial to acknowledge that “universal energy” carries diverse interpretations, often shaped by cultural and philosophical backgrounds. In the context of Reiki, though, the term typically refers to an intelligent, life-force energy permeating all existence. This energy is often described as subtle, vibrational, and unbounded, flowing through everything from living beings to the cosmos. However, it’s essential to emphasize that Reiki makes no specific claims about the scientific nature of this energy, existing outside the realm of traditional Western science.

Reiki’s concept of universal energy draws inspiration from various Eastern traditions, particularly the Chinese concept of qi and the Indian idea of prana. Both share similar notions of an invisible life force animating all living things. While Reiki shares these conceptual roots, it emphasizes the innate ability of anyone to channel this energy for healing purposes through attunements and specific hand placements. This is in contrast to other traditions, where mastery is claimed by only a few select individuals. 

The Illuminating Wonders of Reiki

Reiki practitioners often describe the experience of channeling “universal energy” as a warm, tingling sensation in their hands. They believe this energy promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. While the exact mechanisms remain unexplained, numerous studies have documented the potential benefits of Reiki, including pain and anxiety reduction and better sleep. 

The concept of “universal energy” in Reiki extends beyond individual health and well-being. Practitioners often perceive it as a force for connection and compassion, fostering a sense of oneness with all living things. This perspective encourages respect for nature, promotes responsible living, and fosters a sense of belonging within the larger ecosystem.

The belief in the healing energy of Reiki, combined with a practitioner’s touch and focused attention, can trigger robust psychological and physiological responses. Regardless of the underlying mechanisms, the perceived effectiveness of Reiki highlights the profound influence of the mind-body connection on our well-being.

The “universal energy” in Reiki, despite its enigmatic nature, continues to offer hope and healing to many. This ancient practice reminds us of the interconnectedness of all existence and the innate potential within each of us to tap into a deeper source of healing power. Whether viewed through a scientific lens or an intuitive approach, Reiki’s unique perspective on energy encourages us to explore the hidden dimensions of our being and connect with the unseen forces that shape our lives.

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is the result of author David Tuttle’s studies on Reiki. The book is a primer, showing readers how to recognize their communicative abilities to converse with loved ones who are already on the other side. It shows techniques that teach you how to relieve stress and pain from bodily ailments.

Soul Licensed is a treasure trove of information on how to better navigate the spiritual landscape of the earth through thought and energy. It’s available in all major online bookstores.

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