David Tuttle


tips and tales

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is the result of David Tuttle’s remarkable journey, which began with a series of messages from psychics urging him to embrace writing. Inspired by these encounters, he created a website page in 2012 to share spiritual insights.

The book shows the readers how to recognize their communication abilities with deceased loved ones. It shows readers techniques to relieve stress and pain from bodily ailments. Soul Licensed offers information on better navigating the earth’s existence by properly using thoughts and energy. Its narrative leads people to a sense of hope and peace.


“I called Jane over, and we were both amazed and blessed by this message from my grandmother.”

“There, on the only car parked on the street, was the license plate “Pearl.”

“We left the store, pulled out onto the main road, and just in front of us was a car with the Idaho license plate ‘Reiki’ on it.”

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