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Skeptic or not, it’s easy for people to believe in the afterlife with their loved ones in the picture. A typical encounter is through after-death communication.

What happens after life is a common abstraction people wonder about, posing an impossibility of an answer. Yet, as it’s a universal question that’s present in most minds, various initiatives have been aimed to solve it.

The afterlife is a concept of wonder, one that may be more unfeasible to answer than satisfy. But it’s also something that will remain a thought gripping into people’s minds.

A License To Believe: My Afterlife Encounters

One of the reasons why the afterlife remains such an exciting query is because it’s an existing paradox. It challenges the theories and knowledge of the sciences while proving to be an authentic experience for others.

Professionals and the sciences have failed to support its existence. Yet, many people, myself included, have offered their intimate afterlife encounters and testimonies.

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales is the byproduct of my literary journey. While voyaging for written and creative treasure, I encountered a riveting experience that fueled me to write it. It’s inspired by my brief exposure to psychics, a personal encounter I would love to share with my readers to propagate my spiritual insights. My story shows readers a glimpse of life after death, focusing on how the deceased reaches back to their loved ones.

Ingenuous of what lies beyond life, people may discard any possible signs supporting the notion that the dead might still loiter around Earth. Yet, hopefully, my book provides impressive and convincing proof for this.

A primary concept spotlighted throughout my book is the existence of after-death communication. To make things easier to understand, I have provided real-life examples that define and expound on this concept in hopes that it teaches readers to recognize this communication process. After-death communication is prevalent yet commonly unrecognized by the unknowing gaze. And while this thought might be heartwarming at most, I understand it also sounds impossible and, to a certain extent, terrifying.

But I hope this article will persuade readers to open their minds and welcome the possibility.

The After-Death Communication Phenomenon

People have all seen what happens when the deceased reaches out to communicate. This concept is highly explored in mainstream media and shown through the horror and thriller genres. However, after-death communication is typically conveyed in a negative light, a scare tactic to popularize the materials.

This phenomenon is painted gloomily, which commonly takes a darker turn throughout. It’s associated with evil spirits and exorcisms, which may be far from what happens in reality.

After-death communication is a paranormal activity that includes a multitude of different encounters with a deceased. It’s a phenomenon that’s offered and controlled by the latter. Where, how, and when they will connect is entirely their volition. Hence, what the living can do is be more aware of the signs.

There is no timeline for when after-death communication occurs. However, others have established that there are different means by which the deceased can deliver a message.

A Presence

The familial connection is like no other. This is why, regardless of how one has passed on, the thread remains to exist, allowing the living to get an intuitive feeling of their loved ones. Some may feel a random sensation throughout their routines. This is often interpreted as the deceased trying to be one with their loved ones again, being in their presence.

However, this phenomenon is also easily dismissed because of the need for more evidence.

People who say they’ve felt a presence have no visual or auditory evidence to support their claim. Such a sensation can also be associated with one’s imagination or the mind making things up because of the yearning. Despite what others believe, it may benefit the families to consider this valid. It can help them cope and process their loss without any detrimental consequences.

A Fragrance

Similar to how a presence may feel familiar, a scent can also be connected to an individual. The smell is one of the most memory-provoking senses. It can automatically bring out a memory when it enters someone’s system. Hence, smelling a familiar fragrance, something the deceased has used or liked may be an attempt at after-death communication.

It’s not a coincidence that people smell a scent that reminds them of a loved one. Often, this can be a sign that this individual is reaching out after death. It evokes a heartwarming sensation, not only reminding people about their loved ones but also the happy memories they have.

A Symbol

Similar to what I’ve written in my book, the universe can be filled with various signs from the deceased. It’s up to individuals to recognize these and decode them to their hearts’ fulfillment. The universe gives them answers when they wholeheartedly and purely ask it to. When they seek communication from someone they miss, answers will appear around them.

This can be found in the books they read, with a line resonating the most.

This can also be through the songs that randomly pop up when they think of them.

The universe has a beautiful means of catering to one’s desires. These can be through intimate or subtle means requiring to be decoded.

After-death communication can be a beautiful experience for those who yearn to be with their loved ones, even for a last time. This can help them cope and process their feelings, making grief a lighter emotion. If you’re interested in understanding how this works, purchase my book!

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