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Would you believe that if people were to tell you your numbers, it would help you understand yourself? It’s said that your essence and purpose are all laid out for you through life-path numbers.

“Who am I?”

This question is ever-present and pressing throughout generations and people from all walks of life. Whether they’re thriving, struggling, or content, one way or another, this question will cross people’s minds. For long, this question has been associated with religious undertones, with typical answers denoting God’s plan and will for humanity—when “Who am I?” is answered through spiritual growth and tapping into faith.

However, as society dissects life and the world’s mechanisms, it has also observed more ways to make sense of everything. Gone are the days when everything was attributed to religion or explained through the sciences. While there’s nothing wrong with either of these alternatives, most questions remain unanswered because of their limited scope.

Allowing for earlier science and philosophical theories, society has begun tapping into divine and mystical beliefs.

Unlocking Life’s Mysteries Through Mystical Beliefs

There are many available means through which people make sense of themselves and life – one of which is through straightforward questions and answers.

People whisper their woes to the universe (or God, if they’re religious). They open up about their troubles and seek signs as possible answers or guidance. The mainstream media has long milked this concept in their movies. When people are confused about their choices, they ask for signs like showing them a specific brand of car for a number of times. There’s also the clichéd “He loves me. He loves me not” practice on flower petals.

Indeed, these beliefs show one thing: the universe talks.

It may not be through how humans communicate with each other or through the gestures they use to communicate with other creatures. But the universe answers when it’s asked for guidance or direction. It guides humans to where they’ll benefit the most. The universe provides many signs; all people need to do is look.

A typical example of this is through numbers.

The Possibility of Explaining Life Through Numbers

Surprise, surprise! Numbers aren’t just math, calculus, or statistics.

Beyond what the academe teaches, numbers have more applications in life than computations and estimations. They’re believed to have an intriguing supernatural significance when applied to introspection and understanding life.

Author David Tuttle maximizes the concept of numbers in his book Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales. Using license plate messages for guidance, the author demonstrates and explains one way the universe reaches out to people. His experiences prove that people are surrounded by signs and guides that steer them in the right direction if they open their minds. The sign he utilized in his book revolved around numbers and the practice of decoding them for hidden messages.

However, beyond this, there’s another way of using numbers to understand life and one’s purpose.

Life-Path Numbers Compute People’s Destiny

“Who am I?”

Since time immemorial, humans have pondered this question. They have constantly sought an answer that will satisfy their curiosity and help them navigate life’s complexities. What should people feel if they’re told the answer lies deep within number combinations?

It sounds impossible. But if David Tuttle and other spiritual people have shared their experiences and the benefits they reaped, why should it be debated?

Numbers are natural on Earth. They’re found in everything and are even woven into humanity’s DNA, a foundation of everything governing the universe. The concept of numbers to explain movement, relationships, and events has long existed in history. However, not much about it has been used to define people’s lives. While it’s in everything, it seems too ambitious to claim it defines life.

Hence, there’s a lot of debate around the possibility of numbers defining people’s identities.

However, metaphysical science proves so with the development and existence of life-path numbers. Defined as a detailed roadmap to their life and purpose, life-path numbers are unique to individuals. Taken from people’s birthdates, these numbers are said to capture people’s essence and personalities. Life-path numbers double as people’s destiny numbers. They’re said to indicate who people truly are, reflecting their characteristics and desires.

How Does This Work?

Numerologists, the brains behind numbers’ role in life, propose that numbers have value and vibrations that impact the world. They believe that each number carries a significance and meaning that people must portray and follow.

Life-path numbers categorize people into different archetypes based on what their birthdays show. While they don’t paint people a specific image of how their lives will play out, life-path numbers attempt to give people an identity that’s supposed to reflect who they’re meant to be. Based on the vibrations of the number assigned to their birthdays, people are expected to embody the identity.

Numerology is a belief that’s not imposed on everyone. However, with how it attempts to explain and assign meaning to people’s lives, it’s supposed to simplify life. Understanding life-path numbers may seem intimidating, as it’s a massive concept, but the moment people see the meaning behind the numbers, they’ll realize how easy life becomes.

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